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Back To Back Nights with The Dan Band 

The Tommy Marz Band played back to back nights w/ The Dan Band.

Photo from the January 19th show at 20 Monroe Live in Grand Rapids

Photo from the St. Andrews Hall show on January 20th


Elmore Magazine premieres exclusive new song 

Music News 

EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Marz Band Shares New Anthem for Live Audiences, “Don’t Give A…” 

Music News | March 9th, 2016 

photo by Christopher M. Bjornberg 

Tommy Marz Band is getting fans ready for their debut, Bringing Alpha, available this spring on vinyl. Released digitally in December, this is a rock album from start to finish. Play. Listen. Rewind. Repeat may have been Tommy Marz’s solo debut, but Marz is returning to his rock roots with Bringing Alpha and calling it his most personal album to…

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New review by ESPN's Brian Campbell 

Tommy Marz Album Review Written by ESPN’s Brian Campbell 

by Skope • March 8, 2016 

If you’re going to proudly wear your influences as a songwriter and musician, you might as well wear them well. 

Detroit native Tommy Marz – songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and eponymous frontman for the Tommy Marz Band — does exactly that in the band’s latest album “Bringing Alpha.” 

The melodic hooks of 90’s alternative rock are unmistakable, as are the edgy guitar riffs and vocal delivery. But the album is far from…

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Tommy Marz Band featured on Tune Core blog!! 

The internet has many good things, and one of our favorite things is music videos. Each Wednesday we shell out an awesome round up of TuneCore Artist videos for you to kick up your feet and take a little "me" time. This week's video diversion features Sammy Adams, Willy J Peso, Tommy Marz Band, Al Bairre, Keith James, Lizzo, Fire In The Hamptons, Frances Cone, & Jesse Thomas, enjoy!

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