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EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Marz Band Shares New Anthem for Live Audiences, “Don’t Give A…” 

Music News | March 9th, 2016 

photo by Christopher M. Bjornberg 

Tommy Marz Band is getting fans ready for their debut, Bringing Alpha, available this spring on vinyl. Released digitally in December, this is a rock album from start to finish. Play. Listen. Rewind. Repeat may have been Tommy Marz’s solo debut, but Marz is returning to his rock roots with Bringing Alpha and calling it his most personal album to date. 

“I tried not holding back when writing the lyrics,” Marz has said. He’s true to his words which are especially loud and clear in “Don’t Give A…”, a song that doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Just get up and get to the show. The song is great for throwing on in your car on your way to a concert, or at home beforehand while getting ready. Maybe the band even rocks out backstage as a warm up. Whatever the case, Tommy Marz explains it best: 

“This song sums up what pretty every band wants to say about coming out to a show.  There isn’t an excuse that any of us hasn’t heard.  And if there are any new ones…I don’t give a sh*t.  Come to the show.” 

Listen below to “Don’t Give A…”. Bringing Alpha will be available on vinyl on May 27th with four tracks unavailable via the digital release.


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